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EJami July 31 2014

More than chemical

Sorry for not posting

I haven’t watched days in awhile and I’ve fallen behind… Will catch this weekend and will upload ejami related art again soon!


get to know me meme: favorite actresses [1/5] Alison Sweeney

I have two beautiful children and my husband. The perfect day for me is just to be with them and have fun. We like simple things, you know.”


BTS of Sami and Kate’s portrait photoshoot.



Misc avis as requested

Anonymous: will you make some ej/sami icons? just random ones, it don't have to be a specific scene! ty :)

You can find my avis collection here or here. I make them every once in awhile :) I will make more soon! :)

Anonymous: hi :) i have been a fan of ejamis since 2006, but i havent watched the show since January (i have no interest in watching the current SL) my question is, do you think ejami will be able to move past this?

I really hope so. I have faith :) and that’s all that matters…

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